Scents surround us


What’s that smell?

We love them, don’t we! We all have our favorite scent that just sets our whole day to rights when we smell it.  And so many of us share some favorites.

There is no shortage of scents out there to try and please everyone. Many years ago it seemed there were just a few. If you wanted linen it was the same no matter who made it.

Now it seems there are lots of variations on the smell of linen: fresh linen, sunned linen, cotton linen, soft linen.  It almost is never ending.

And this is a good thing! It means that we can all find one that works best for us.

Ways to use scents

With as many scents as there are out there, it seems that there are not quite as many ways to use them.

Sprays are a favorite of course. Then there are candles, potpourri, diffusers, plug ins, and warmers.

With Essential Oils becoming popular we find more ways to use scents.

I love diffusers, especially the mist electric ones. My next favorite is to use my favorite Essential Oils in lotions and warmers.

So what are your favorite ways to use scents in your home and personally?

As always, Namaste and may you have a wonderful dayaromatherapy-scents

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2 thoughts on “Scents surround us

    1. Hi Elise! I love my diffuser for my room! I am also using clay diffusers that I make for my car, that way I can just add drops of whichever scent I have with me that day on it and have the enjoyment in the car and easily change it the next day.

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