Becoming and Thinking


“We become what we think about.”

                » Earl Nightingale


This is such a simple concept and so hard to understand at times for so many.

Have you noticed that if you are thinking about something that made you very mad that as you are thinking about more things come up that make you mad? What about when you are sad?

We’ve all been there and experienced this.

But, what happens when you change those thoughts to ones of happiness, joy, and kindness?

If you are thinking of a funny thing your kids did, do you find that you see more things to laugh about?  I know I do!

When things are going bad or you are getting frustrated at every little thing, STOP! Look at what is on your mind and change it.

Think of happy and joyful things and I bet you that the day will turn around for you!
As always, Namaste and may you have a wonderful day


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