Close to my heart


Hello!  Loren here to tell you a little bit about the causes that I hold dear.  I have three amazing Feline Overlords that control my life. Becuase of their impact on me I wanted to make sure to give back to others.  For my whole life, I have loved animals and been affected by what they go through.

For my whole life, I have loved animals and been affected by what they go through. With my love of animals, I have a strong pull towards Nature and helping our Earth heal and be taken care of.  In order to take care of our Earth, we must take care of each other as well. 

Becuase of this, I have chosen to donate a portion of any commission made through affiliate links, profits from sales, or books that I may write. For details on any affiliate links that I may use on this blog please see my Disclaimer & Affiliations page

I would like to make you aware of these causes in hopes that you may learn a little more about them. You are not obligated to click on any link or donate to them yourself.  I am listing them here as to help promote what they are doing and accomplishing for animals, our Earth, and others. 

Justin, Fire Survivor

Justin and his amazing family are Animal Welfare Advocates. With Justin’s Catnip Parties and Paw Power, they have made some amazing rescues and changes in this world.  Justin himself says what he is about best, “Earless and Fearless!”. Justin was was just a month old kitten when a human intentionally lit him on fire. Against all odds, he survived!

He, with the help of his family, have overcome amazing odds and work tirelessly on helping others.   Please visit Justin at his Facebook page:  Justin, Fire Survivor


Community Cat Coalition

The Community Cat Coalition is located in Washington State and is my local cause. They are dedicated to helping the community cats through education and support of local shelters and independent rescuers. Being an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff and no shelter, 100% of the donated funds go to the community cats.

You can visit and learn more about Community Cat Coalition on their website or on Facebook Page.


Healing Hands

doTerra’s not-for-profit Healing Hands is one of the most amazing programs I have come across. I love that they are finding ways to give back to communities through partnerships and by serving with the resources on hand for them. You can learn more about this program at the doTerra Healing Hands page

Through my purchases, I donate directly to Healing Hands and a portion of commissions and sales will be provided as well.