Certified Holistic Healing Courses

and becoming a Certified Holistic Healer

Do you find yourself listening to your own intuition about things? Taking time to meditate or think on things?  Maybe you’ve moved into using Healing Crystals to help you balance your mood and Chakras? What about using Essential Oils to help that process? Or even Oracle or Tarot readings to help you dive deeper into your feelings?  Or maybe, just maybe, you want to learn more about these holistic approaches to self-healing and self-improvement?

For years I have used crystals and essential oils to help me with my moods or energy when feeling a bit off.  I have found myself at a crossroads with no idea what I wanted to do or which way to go as I just couldn’t get to the heart of the matter and needed the extra guidance.  At those times I have used the crystals and oils in combination with Oracle and Tarot cards to help me dive deeper into the situation.

But for me, what truly is amazing is being able to take that knowledge and help my friends and family when they ask for me.  Having the opportunity to help guide them to look at a situation or feeling a bit deeper, to find the root of the matter and see what they can do to improve it is inspiring!  Do you feel this way too?

Well, now I get to offer to the same to you!  YES, you!


What are the Courses?

As my Dream has always been to use my gifts to help others, these courses gave me the opportunity to learn more, work harder on my skills, become friends with an amazing community of people, and realize my potential. 

Let me share with you how you can become one also:

There is currently only one option to enroll in these courses that are open to those of us that want to walk this path and either start a business as a Holistic Healer or to just work on our own self-improvement and self-growth.

Here are the courses, two are Certification courses and upon graduation, you have the initials at the end of your name!

How to receive the Courses

Being a Verified Blossoms United Holistic Healing & Soul Centered Academy member I am able to offer these courses FREE of tuition by joining my Team Aster and doTerra Tribe as a Wellness Advocate.   Please email me to find out how to get the courses with free tuition and how this education promotion actually works. 

  • Become a doTerra Wellness Advocate (receive your essential oils at wholesale price)
  • Receive all 3 courses at FREE tuition! (That’s a saving of $579!)
  • Access to the Team Aster and Blossoms United Team private Facebook groups for additional support
  • Access to future courses that are offered

These Courses are not being offered for Public Enrollment at this time, so the only way to access these courses is by becoming a member of my doTerra Tribe.

When these Courses were offered for Public enrollment, their costs were:

  • Journey to Self-Healing & Self-Discovery course at $49
  • Vibrational Crystal Healing (CCH) Certification course at $350
  • Holistic Tarot Reading (CHTR) Certification course at $180
  • The 5 Day Fast Start and the 21 Day Smart Start Courses are free courses for doTerra Tribe members only.

Want to know more?

Great! I have all the wonderful information and would LOVE to share it with you! You can email me at fromAromatoZen (at) Gmail (dot) com, or use the Contact Me page. You can also use the menu above, or just click the links below.  I am so excited that you want to learn more!

  • Learn about my story and how I found this path and opportunity My Dream and Path
  • In-depth details on the Online Courses & Certifications
  • Journey to Self-Healing & Self-Discovery course – full details on course, including curriculum
  • Vibrational Crystal Healing Certification course – full details on course, including curriculum
  • Holistic Tarot Reading Certification course – full details on course, including curriculum
  • Team Aster – all about my team and how to join

Take a look and sent me an email, or apply to join me and Team Aster!  I’m happy to help you get all the information you need and see you succeed at becoming a Certified Holistic Healer!

My Team Aster and I provide the Business Training and Courses offered by Dr. Aly, Where Juniper Grows and Blossoms United and are in no way affiliated with doTERRA. I reserve the right to terminate a downline student/team member from any private course/training, group or community, at any time, for any reason and will discuss this with you prior. Certification is not guaranteed (you must pass with an 80% or higher). Any new team member must apply and be accepted by me personally in order to gain access to Dr. Aly’s courses and training programs. In other words, if I do not believe that you are a good fit for our courses, community, or team culture, we are not required to grant you access or continued access to our team site or any of our private team training or intellectual material, regardless if you have joined our doTERRA downline. The $35 (plus shipping) that you spend to join doTERRA under us purchases your doTERRA membership as a Wellness Advocate, making you a doTERRA Wholesale Member, which is entirely separate from anything the I offer through Dr. Aly’s Where Juniper Grows or through her Blossoms United training programs. Becoming a Blossoms United student/team member of our community and culture is a gifted privilege, not a right. These terms are firm, and we reserve the right to edit these terms at any time, and protect our intellectual property, legal copyright, images and media, business model, team member privacy and free team education privileges.

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