A Dream, a Need, and a Solution

If you are anything like me then you have dreams. Those dreams, or even one of them, may come from a need deep inside you to do something with that dream. The only thing you are needing to make that dream a reality is a solution.

DreamNeed to make Dream a reality — Solution needed

I was stuck at the first two for years. I say that because I thought I had solutions, only to find out that they were not the solution I needed after all. I went through years of stress and emotional upheaval trying to figure all this out.

I needed a job that would help pay the bills and at the same time, I needed to be true to myself and my dreams. I worked full-time for many companies. I enjoyed most of the work and some of the people that I worked with, yet I was miserable.  This was the repeating pattern in my life for years:

get a job – work hard (too many hours, not enough pay, killing myself with all the stress) – become miserable – quit – find a new job – repeat.

It didn’t work for me. I was exhausted, both emotionally and mentally. Stress from both turned into physical ailments. The last job I was at was wonderful and I expected to make a career out of it. It was great, but it had issues that made it not the right one for me. I drove 2 hours in the morning to work and then I drove 2-3 hours on the way home from work. I was up at 3:00 am and home no earlier than 7:00 pm. My home life was miserable and my 4-month-old marriage falling apart before my eyes. The stress became physical with severe chronic tendinitis in my right foot. From my big toe up to my knee which prevented me from driving. I had to quit my job to heal and attempt to save my marriage.

I was sick. I was losing the life I had started to build. I spent every waking moment in tears due to losing everything. My world felt as if it was ending.

My Dream

I quit my job in November. I needed to heal before I could do a thing. Not being able to drive prevented me from doing much. I looked for jobs and tried to get better. I attempted to work on and save my marriage.

Neither of those things worked out. I did not heal at all and the marriage fell completely apart. I felt as if I had nothing.

But wait…

I did have something. I had a Dream. This was a dream I had for years and never could figure out how to make it a reality. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons.

First, because I was always taught that we grow up, we get jobs with companies, we get benefits and retirement packages, we work for that one job for 20+ years and then retire.

Second, because I didn’t have a good support system, I thought I had no way to make my dream a reality. So I had abandoned it, even though it was always on my mind.

My dream had always been to find a way to use my intuition and love of holistic ways to help myself and others. I wanted to help and show others how to use crystals, Tarot, herbs/oils, and our Chakras to make our lives better. I dreamed about using my intuition to guide me in this and find the path to walk down and find others to share this with.

My Need

Dreams are wonderful, aren’t they? They offer a Utopian view of the world we want to create and offer an escape from our daily lives.

The dreams that come with a deep-seated need to make them the reality are the best of all!  It fills our minds and souls with a burning sensation and the drive to make it a reality.  My need was to find a way to make my dream a reality. I dreamed about it at night. I dreamed about it during the day at work when things were rough.

I ached in my soul at times because I was not using my skills and talents to make this dream a reality. What I needed were a change and an opportunity. And I needed support to make that happen as well.

With February upon us, I needed the solution now. I put out my intention, I asked Goddess for guidance and help. I put all my fears to rest and gave up all my expectations. I did not want anything to interfere with the Solution that would come.

As with all things that the Universe and Goddess provide it will happen within their own time frame.

I did not have to wait too long to see the plan that they had for me.

My Solution

I took a phone call offering me a part-time job doing exactly what I enjoyed: helping, organizing, finding solutions. The pay would be enough to help with supporting my household.

My best friend and roommate said he made enough to help cover the rest. So now my home-life is given protection and support.

Then I met Jenn in a Facebook Group I belong to who had made a post about Online Courses with certifications. I instinctively knew this was the solution that Goddess and Universe had put in my path.

I contacted Jenn and asked for more information. We talked and she explained what the courses entailed. How the certificate program worked and how to set this all in motion was also discussed.

Don’t forget that I have been out of work since November and had zero income at this point. Don’t doubt the Universe or Goddess. They always provide what is needed when you are honoring yourself, your gifts & talents, as well as others.

I reached out my family and explained the situation and had a discussion. We came up with a way to make the Solution possible. This would also provide the opportunity to give to so many and receive so much in return for that giving.

Putting it into Action

Are you on the same path?

I joined Jenn’s team and started my courses. I am now on my way to becoming certified in Crystal Healing and Holistic Tarot reading. As well as extra courses to help me realize those.

I am so very excited and feeling fulfilled by these courses. My soul is at peace and my heart sings.

  • My dream is becoming a reality.
  • My need is being fulfilled.
  • My solution is what will work best for me.

Are you are on this same path: having a dream and a need, but no solution? Is this is a dream on self-help and self-growth for you?

Is the dream to find a way to help others with your own skills and knowledge in a way that fills your soul and heart with joy?

I am sure that it is as you found your way here. Would you like to learn more about these courses and how to enroll?

If so, then please come over to the Online Courses & Certifications page to learn more or feel free to email me with any questions.

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