Welcome to the

Self-Care 7 Day Challenge

This is for you, if…

You are always on the go and struggle to find time for yourself

You have a hard time financially investing in the one and only YOU

You put yourself last on the daily to do list

You don’t give yourself permission to reward yourself

You lack energy at the end of the day

“I will do self-care this weekend after I finish the chores”, is your life motto

I created this 7 day challenge for you to finally show yourself some love.  You cannot show up and serve from a full cup if you don’t give yourself permission to put you first.  Over the course of 7 days you will receive daily tips, ideas, and ways to DEFEAT your excuses when it comes to putting you first.  I will show you how to implement self care quickly, efficiently, and make it your new priority!


It is my mission to create a space for you to learn, heal, and grow!  I am personally inviting you to join my sacred community, “From Aroma To Zen” on Facebook here.  I teach daily on living a holistic life, incorporating tools to heal and grow, and ways to show up as our best selves.  We’re all a little spunky and “woo woo” over there so feel free to hop in, say hello, and let us know all about you!

You’ll receive a confirmation email to verify enrollment in this Self-Care 7 Day Challenge.  Please make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email in a few minutes.

If the confirmation email does not arrival at all, please email at fromAromatoZen@gmail.com so that I can correct it and get you entered into the Challenge!

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