Setting a relaxing space


Stress! It’s everywhere!

So many things are happening now for me that I almost don’t know where to begin. Stress is the word of the day! How on earth do I relax?

Or is it? It could if I let it. Being a tea drinking woman who lives with constant stress I am making a stand. I have begun working on ways to remove the stress from my life. For what I can’t remove I will be handling better.

Life has a funny way of surprising us at times, doesn’t it? I have been losing my mind for the past 4 months being out of work. Today I have a lot of irons in the fire to make up for that off time.

And the best way to help deal with it all is to find ways to remove and deal with the stress.

Relax Area Design

A couple of items I will need to hold off on talking about. Don’t worry I promise to spill the news soon!

The main thing that I need and haven’t carved out for myself is a relaxation area. We all need a space that we can retreat to. I know I do!

My tea is always helping me deal with stress and to relax. If the space I am in at the time isn’t set up right I can still feel a little stress. Now is the perfect time to fix this!

Pick a space that you can retreat to and be happy in. For me, it’s my favorite chair in the corner of the living room. I can look out all the windows, see the tv, view artwork, and have access to a table.


For me, comfortable things help with relaxation. A comfy chair, fuzzy blanket, and a soft pillow all help me feel pampered.

Look for items that speak to you. The ones that when you feel them you instantly are thinking of wrapping up in them. It’s about getting the frame of mind to allow relaxation to happen.

The next thing is my favorite lounging yoga pants with a spaghetti strapped top. Soft fuzzy socks also help wrap me up in softness.


I am a scent person. I love aromatherapy (this is a hint of what is to come) and candles. My table has two candles on it as well as an incense burner.namaste-dog

The artwork in my area is very important. One image, in particular, speaks to me very much. You see I enjoy yoga. I believe in a holistic approach as much as possible. I also am an animal lover and miss my favorite pup, Fella. Fella was a rescue from Doberman Rescue Concern and was my bet buddy growing up. I lost him many years ago to cancer.

I met a lady that has an amazing Etsy shop and artwork that fits in perfect for my relaxation area!

Amy runs Charlie’s Merchantile. She offers an amazing selection of dog art and housewarming gifts. Which is wonderful enough. Except that she goes another step further – she also offers personalized gifts!  

Amy and Charlie’s Mercantile can be found on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Here is the print that Amy is sending to me. love it as it brings in my love of yoga, relaxation, and is a wonderful tribute to Fella:

Getting Time

Sometimes life is always moving and doesn’t stop to breath. Don’t you need time to breath? I do! That’s why I love tea so much as it causes me to slow down and take a moment.

It used to be so hard for me to take a moment. I would work and work until I was so sick that my body would shut down. Laying in bed too sick to blink is not my idea of relaxing!

I learned the hard way that I needed time to relax. I grab it where I can and do not worry about adhering to a schedule. Life is always in motion and we have to move with it!

I am a very early bird morning person so for me, the early hours is perfect for relaxing. In the evening, after a nice dinner is also a good time to curl up in my chair with a book and tea.

Find what works for you. Take the time when you can and it will make all the difference in the world!

Tis Time!

I don’t know about you, but now that I have my space set up I am ready for some relaxing ME time. Destressing is very important, check out my Behind the Scenes: Steps to De-Stress for more on this.

I have the digital print that Amy sent to me while waiting for the delivery of the print. That will finish off my space nicely.

The candles are lit, an incense burning and a hot cup of tea are waiting for me. I have my favorite book also to catch up on too.

I hope that you planning your space to use as your area. Don’t worry about matching anything, the point is to be comfortable and relax. You are the one that has to be happy here. And don’t forget to head over to Charlies Merchantile to grab some artwork for your space!

Amy really says it best, “Charlie’s Mercantile offers personalized gifts for your home, dog prints, and house warming gifts. We all deserve a personalized gift in our home. Let me know what I can create for you.”

As always, Namaste and may you have a wonderful day


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